Saturday, December 27, 2014

Get rid of ants permanently with Vinegar

So we have been using vinegar for a lot of things around the house from cleaning to flea control. Since it seems to help with our dogs fleas we wanted to see what it would do with ants. Well, as you can see vinegar does not kill the ants chemically but it will drown them. They also don't like to come back and it seems to wash their chemical trail pretty well.

I guess it does not kill fleas either. As soon as we would wash our dog she would go out for potty and fleas would jump on her right away from the neighbor dogs that like to visit. Now we wash and after we dry her we spray some 50/50 diluted vinegar on her and rub it into her fur to let dry. She's not too happy about it but her hair is soft and full and the fleas don't seem to bother her anymore.

Kill Ants With Grits

Kill Ants With Grits!

Believe it or not, quick grits will help eliminate ants in your home. Just sprinkle them dry anywhere ants have been seen. Once the ants have ingested them, they expand and kill the ants. This is also an effective way to kill ants outside. Just sprinkle the instant grits all around any ant hills.

Use Lemons to Get Rid of Ants

A lemon juice mixture also works surprisingly well. I can't remember where I learned this home remedy to get rid of ants, but mix up about half lemon juice and half water. Put this in a spray bottle and spray everywhere ants are seen and anywhere they can enter. This includes spraying around the outside of the house. Works wonders if you want to eliminate ants!